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The Long Dark Cheats 2019

On March 2, 2018, it was announced that Perry Mattfeld had been cast in the protagonist role of Murphy in the series' pilot, along with Brooke Markham as Jess, Murphy's roommate and best friend, and Keston John as Darnell, a local drug dealer;[69] followed on March 9 with Kathleen York as Joy, Murphy's mother, and Derek Webster as Hank, Joy's husband.[70] Austin Nichols was cast as Dean, a cop with a blind daughter, on March 12.[71] On May 16, 2018, The CW announced that the role of Dean had been recast;[72] with Nichols thereafter replaced by Rich Sommer on July 13, 2018.[73] On September 10, 2019, Matt Murray was cast in a recurring role for the second season.[2]

the long dark cheats 2019

In the alternate world, Ulrich marries Katharina and has Magnus, Martha, and Mikkel as in the other world. However, when he begins cheating on his wife with Hannah, his marriage does not last long. They get a divorce and Ulrich later marries Hannah, conceiving a child with her sometime in early 2019. Sometime, Ulrich becomes the police chief of Winden.


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