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The Umami Mart glass also snugly fits the OXO Hawthorne strainer that we recommend, and its small spout makes straining a drink into a cocktail glass a foolproof affair. We think a nice mixing glass like this one truly adds to the art of mixing cocktails at home and will look great displayed on your bar or bar cart.

buy home bar

One great thing about this is most of these home bars are delivered fully assembled right at your doorstep. Talk about saving time and effort. Check out these 12 large home bars that you can purchase hassle-free.

This home bar has a sliding countertop that creates more space. The surface is hand-rubbed with a multi-step finish. There are beveled/tempered glass doors. The knobs are made of brushed nickle. The bar molding is impressive as well. This could be used as a patio bar.

In the center of the bar, there are several slots for wine bottles. There are adjustable levelers in the legs. Overall, this home bar has an elegant stance and lots of storage space. It would attract many customers.

This bar will fill any empty wall in the home. It has a traditional distressed walnut finish and optional hutch. There are plenty of shelves and drawers. Add a counter stool (sold separately) for guests, and it will become the perfect indoor bar. It would look great in the dining room.

This home bar is made of hardwoods, veneers, Italian marble, and metal. It has a rustic cherry finish with a protective clear coat. The shape is unique; it has a demilune structure (curved). There are swing-out drawers and shelves for storage.

Our glassware and barware is designed with today's modern lifestyle in mind. Inspired by Mid Century designs, our patterns wrap around classically shaped drinking glasses and are digitally printed using modern technology. The printing method creates crisp images and gives our glasses a raised texture very reminiscent of vintage glassware. The texture also feels great in the hand. Whether crafting cocktails at home or setting your daily table, our modern glassware is meant for everyday use. We also love that it's made in America and continues the American tradition of crafting extraordinary drinkware.Our mission is to elevate the everyday drinking experience at home. We aim to create innovative and sustainable designs that give a nod to the past. The history of the cocktail hour is steeped in American tradition. We aim to bridge this rich history into the future of home entertaining by creating new American-made products that are heirloom-quality, handcrafted with care, and meant for years of use.

Brandy is often an overlooked category, especially when it comes to cocktails. Our home bar guide recommends that you stock a VS or VSOP cognac or brandy made for mixing. As an added bonus, brandy comes in handy when it comes to cooking and baking so it should definitely be in your home.

Want to build your home bar but not sure where to start? Our combo pack of 6 coasters & 1 bottle openers should do it! With Bira 91 mascots as the core design, this combo will lighten up your home bar and a great click for the gram too. This product is not eligible for returnReturn Policy

There are so many different cabinet options available for storing drinks, bar glasses, and any other bartending tools. You might want to opt for cabinets with glass doors, floating shelves, or a fun and interesting cabinet design. These cabinet options will allow you to show off your collection of wine and spirits or unique cocktail glasses while also being very practical. Choose a cabinet design that flows with the existing design of your home. You can also add a pop of color to make your area stand out.

Putting a little extra thought and time into designing the perfect home bar setup goes a long way. The lighting can be just as important as the overall design. You can choose to install under cabinet lighting, unique pendants, rope lights tucked under shelves, or LEDs that change color. Any of these lighting options will certainly add some pop to your home bar.

If you are planning on creating your own home bar setup you will want to make sure you stock it with the essentials. You can choose to go the traditional route and mimic a professional bar by buying all the liqueurs and tools, or you can customize your bar for what you like to drink most. Grab your favorite drinks and mixers and stock up on them.

People wanting to add an accent wall in reclaimed wood are finding a home bar is the perfect place to do it. Adding a reclaimed wood accent wall to your home bar setup is a quick and easy way to introduce an organic element into your home. Adding this accent wall is an inexpensive investment that can transform even the smallest spaces.

A home bar is a perfect place to get creative with your design. You can add a pop of color to draw attention or you can match the colors with the rest of your home. You can enhance the space with fun signs or unique art as well as trendy bar stools, a custom sofa, or fun backsplashes. Have a favorite sports team? Add some fan gear and maybe even a small TV to watch your favorite games. The options are endless. Make your home bar setup a place that makes you happy and somewhere you look forward to hanging out.

A sturdy knife with a serrated blade, a cutting board, a few glass bottles for simple syrups and fresh juices, toothpicks, and a set of white towels are also essential to your home bar, but they should already be a part of your kitchen setup.

Get a good book on mixology! Sure, you can Google just about anything these days and Siri does tell a pretty badass Gin and tonic recipe. But there are few things as satisfying as flipping through a book and deciding on a cocktail to try out.If nothing else, books are one of the best ways to decorate your home bar... and you will look smart AF.

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A well-stocked home bar is essential for entertaining friends and family. Over time, it can also save you some serious cash compared to a night out on the town. But with all the different types of spirits, mixers and bar tools, creating a home bar can feel overwhelming.

A good spirit makes a great drink, so when it comes to stocking your home bar, buy the highest-quality spirits you can afford. The good stuff can be pricey, so begin with the basics and what you enjoy drinking, then branch out from there.

Last but not least, round out your home bar with a few details you and your guests will appreciate. Add a few garnishes that accompany or complement the drinks you intend to serve. Some home bar staples include olives, lemon and lime wedges, maraschino cherries and springs of rosemary and mint. A few well-placed cocktail napkins and coasters will give your guests a place to rest their drinks and protect your furnishings.

We have gathered the best advice from expert mixologists, spirit distillers, professional bartenders, and cocktail makers, to bring you the ultimate advice for you to build a well-stocked bar and be a success, not only in the upcoming holiday season but in all your future gatherings at home.

Those suggestions would be useful if you were starting a new bar that was catering to customers. But we are talking about a home bar here. A bar that you will go back to time and time again for your own pleasure.

Round out your home bar drinkware with a set of cocktail glasses for mixed alcoholic drinks. Popular styles include 14 oz. Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses, martini glasses, Moscow mule mugs, and highball glasses.

Then, depending on the type of cocktails you make the most, the space available in your home bar, and your budget, it is possible to add other types of glasses: martini cups, port glasses, moscow mule mugs, beer glasses or balloons for brandy or cognac.

If you're the master bartender at your home bar, you might already be a fan of our Tennent's Pint Glasses. They've been specially designed to be just the right size to pour a chilled can or our golden flagship lager, with just enough room for the perfect foamy head.

To kit out your home bar with some extra s-T-yle, we've designed our home bar glassware bundle. The bundle comes with four full-sized pint glasses, complete with Tennent's signature engraving, red T logo, and the special addition of your name. 041b061a72


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