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Buy Airbed ((EXCLUSIVE))

The Solaire is quite expensive even compared to other airbed models, but its high-quality design and strong performance make up for the steep sticker price. Saatva also offers free White Glove delivery to any customer in the contiguous U.S. The mattress comes with a 365-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty.

buy airbed


The sticker price for the Health Series Refresh is in line with that of the average airbed. Natural Form provides free ground shipping throughout the contiguous U.S. Your purchase includes a 100-night sleep trial for testing out the mattress and a 10-year warranty should you decide to keep it after the trial is finished.

As with any mattress type, you should research different airbed brands and models in order to find the mattress that best meets your needs and preferences. There are also unique considerations to take into account when choosing an airbed. These include firmness adjustment range, controls, and whether or not the mattress offers sleep-tracking technology.

AssemblyAn airbed will require some initial assembly. This may include installing the air chambers and connecting them to electric pumps. Thankfully, most airbed brands offer White Glove delivery that includes in-home assembly and a full operating tutorial. Airbeds tend to have modular designs, allowing you to remove and replace individual components as needed.

TrenchesTrenches are a common complaint among airbed owners. Since each side of the bed normally has a dedicated air chamber, this can create a noticeable dip in the center of the mattress over the area between the chambers. Some owners find that this trench effect makes the mattress feel uneven. It can also cause you to roll toward the middle of the bed during the night.

Chamber ConstructionThe chambers found in airbeds are typically made from vulcanized rubber or other durable synthetic materials. Most airbeds have between two and six individual chambers. For some, the chambers are divided into zones that allow you to adjust the firmness level for different areas of the body.

Firmness LevelsAdvanced airbeds can be adjusted to a wide range of firmness levels. Some can be customized anywhere between soft and firm, while others offer a more limited range. Firmness options for airbeds often depend on the thickness of the air chambers in relation to the rest of the mattress.

By definition, airbeds are constructed with adjustable air chambers in their support core. Most airbeds today have between two and six individual chambers, including separate chambers for each side of the mattress.

The chambers connect to electric air pumps, which may be built-in to the mattress or external. Owners can use the pumps to add or release air from individual chambers, which in turn changes the feel of that area of the mattress. Manual controls are more common with older airbeds and may be found on some contemporary models. However, most newer airbeds can be adjusted for firmness with a remote control. Some also allow you to make changes using an app on your chosen smart device.

The comfort layer material of an airbed depends on the specific model. Traditionally, airbeds have been built with thinner polyfoam comfort layers; some do not have any comfort layer apart from light padding material on the surface. Some newer airbeds are constructed with more comfort layers of latex, memory foam, and other more luxurious materials.

Airbeds excel in certain performance categories. Their customizable firmness levels ensure proper support and good pressure relief for most sleepers. These mattresses are also highly durable, thanks in part to their modular composition and high-quality materials. However, there are also some downsides to sleeping on an airbed. Many sleepers, particularly couples, complain about the trench effect that occurs in the middle of the mattress. Disruptive noise can also be an issue for some.

The average airbed costs between $2,000 and $2,400 in a queen size. Broadly speaking, you may be able to find an affordable airbed model that costs less than $1,500 in a larger size. On the other hand, many high-end models cost upward of $3,000 in any size.

Airbeds are considered the most expensive mattress type by a considerable margin. Other categories include innersprings ($900 to $1,100), foam mattresses ($900 to $1,200), hybrids ($1,600 to $2,200) and latex models ($1,600 to $2,200). Budget shoppers seeking a cheap mattress should be aware of the higher price-point of an airbed.

The bottom line: an airbed can be a sound investment if you want a durable mattress that can be adjusted for a wide range of firmness levels, but be prepared to spend more than you would for another type of bed.

Airbeds are exceptionally durable. If properly maintained, the average airbed model will perform for at least eight years, and some exceed the 10-year mark. Comparatively, the average mattress of any type has a lifespan of six to eight years.

The Englander airbed's built-in pump can blow up a California king size bed in just 2 minutes 30 seconds. With 10% higher air-flow volume, our bed inflates in half the time of competing beds. Plus, the Englander airbed deflates down with the push of a button to a compact size, convenient for taking with you wherever you travel.

Should you need us for anything, Englander offers premium customer service. Your Englander airbed comes with a 5-year warranty against defects, the highest in the industry for the best airbed on the market.

I've never been to Haarlem but will be going in a couple of weeks. Does anyone know where I can locally buy a double airbed from. (is there a shop in Haarlem that would sell them or do i have to go outside of Haarlem?) need to have it for day I get there so planning in advance now. 041b061a72


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