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Jet Set Radio HD Download PC Game

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Jet Set Radio HD Download PC Game

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Cupid may have left you high and dry, but have no fear: Sega wants you to have some free games to make up for it. See, as part of the publisher's Make War Not Love event this year, everyone on Steam can grab gratis copies of Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe and all of Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit. Just hit the promo's Steam page to add the games to your library of (mostly) unplayed games.

How's that? Like before, the folks responsible for that lightning-fast, blue rodent are offering discounts on a few of the company's strategy games and are giving out freebies depending on which community has the most players. Before, the handouts were tied to which game had the higher amount of victories, but now all you have to do is play, regardless of winning or losing, and the "faction" with the most active players wins.

That isn't the only change, though. This year it's grown to include the Warhammer 40,000 game Dawn of War 2 in addition to standbys from the Company of Heroesand Total War franchises. Three games to celebrate the promo's third year, geddit? That trio of titles has been discounted by 75 percent, and rather than solely give away add-ons for the somewhat niche games in competition, Sega is also offering up entries from its classic catalog. Fun for everyone!

Jet Set Radio HD is the latest remaster in a string of Dreamcast "hits" to see new life on download platforms, but Sega has been insistent that they've learned its lessons. The publisher has emphasized how hard it's trying to get things right this time, and for many, it couldn't have chosen a better game.

Jet Set Radio was part of Sega's onslaught of new properties with an emphasis on flash and style during the second wave of Dreamcast software, but it might be one of the more obscure. It's a game that almost everyone has heard of, but I think few have actually played. This was remedied somewhat with 2002's Xbox sequel Jet Set Radio Future. Unlike Sonic Adventure or the arcade hit Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio HD is the chance for many to finally play a game they've only heard about.

Nostalgia has the side effect of high expectations though, and Jet Set Radio HD just can't meet them. While the flash and style of Jet Set Radio HD remains untouched and unvarnished by a dozen years of progress, the rest of it can't stand up to scrutiny. Squirrely controls, camera catastrophes, and nonsensical level design make Jet Set Radio HD a better memory than game.

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Jet Set Radio, known as Jet Grind Radio in the United States, is a video game developed by Smilebit and published by Sega, released on June 29, 2000. Jet Set Radio was designed for the Dreamcast, although a version of the game was later released for Game Boy Advance with the same name.

The game begins in Shibuya-cho, and is introduced by Professor K, the DJ of a pirate radio station based in Tokyo-to, who explains the basics of life in Tokyo-to for a "rudie", the term he uses to refer to young people who roam the streets spraying and skating. The city is split into three parts -- Shibuya-cho, Benten-cho, and Kogane-cho, each of which corresponds to a different time of day. Shibuya is a shopping district full of blue skies and daylight, Benten a nocturnal entertainment spot that represents night, and Kogane a mostly residential area, built on the water, where it's perpetually sunset. In each of these areas, the player will encounter a rival gang - Love Shockers in Shibuya, Noise Tanks in Benten, and the Poison Jam in Kogane - that attempts to usurp the GG's home turf. The player starts off forming a skate gang which also resides in Shibuya-cho, and thus forms a rivalry between the gangs in the area. After completing a set of menial challenges, designed to introduce the player to the control system, Gum and Tab join the gang forming the first 3 members of the GG's. The player starts out as Beat, a 17-year-old rudie who ran away from home like many other Japanese rudies. Beat was first shunned from gang to gang over and over again until he decided to start his own gang. Beat is the leader and founder of the GG's. The player first starts out spraying a little graffiti in Shibuya-Cho looking to recruit members. First Gum joins, then Tab.

The initial stage is set in a Shibuya bus station, in which the player has to "tag" various parts of the bus station, as well as spray over existing tags, so as to gain the area as part of their territory. While tagging these places, the player is pursued by policemen and their leader, Captain Onishima. The police, the S.W.A.T team, and Rokakku Gouji's Golden Rhinos are yet another obstacle to avoid while defeating rival gangs. Also, Professor K narrates specific parts of the game via his eponymous pirate radio station called Jet Set Radio.

Other gangs which feature in the game as opponents are the Noise Tanks, who appear to be semi-cyborgs, Poison Jam, brutish thugs who wear fish costumes, and the Love Shockers, an all-girl gang made up of jilted lovers. Once the protagonist defeats each gang they hand over their belongings and grant the area to the graffiti gang that dethroned them. Each gang also drops a piece of a red record when defeated.

There was a re-release of Jet Set Radio released on PSN, Xbox Live, and PC in full HD. Additional ports for iOS, Android, and Vita were also released at different times. The game was released September 19th, 2012, by SEGA. In addition to upscaled graphics, three tracks were removed ("Yappie Feet" and "Many Styles" by O.B. One from the PAL version, and "Dunny Boy Williamson Show" by Deavid Soul from the Japanese version), achievements were added, and a bonus section was implemented, which contains a documentary of the game's development titled "Jet Set Radio: The Rude Awakening" and unlockable music from Jet Set Radio Future. To save space, the documentary is not available on the mobile editions. In 2014, the iOS and Android versions were pulled from both App Store & Google Play due to incompatibility with higher mobile OS.

The game was received exceedingly well from online sources and magazines. Many have praised the style of the game as the matching soundtrack with up-tempo music. Critics also applauded the simplistic "pick-up and play" arcade style gameplay. The lowest review according to Game Rankings was a 3.5 out of 5 from Independent Gamer . IGN gave the game a 9.6/10 rating but criticized the camera control, saying, "You'll spend at least a week wondering why all games don't look this good. Then you will spend at least a month wondering why the camera didn't get fixed during localization." The lack of multiplayer was also criticized.

Note: The cheats and tricks listed above may not necessarily work with your copy of the game. This is due to the fact that they generally work with a specific version of the game and after updating it or choosing another language they may (although do not have to) stop working or even malfunction.

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Sega's Shinobi revival for the Nintendo 3DS is here, and there's one vitally important fact about it that you should understand before you take the plunge: this game hates you and it wants you to die. It will, in fact, go to great lengths to ensure that you do so. Repeatedly.It's an old-school mindset for a current-gen game to embrace, but it's also an entirely fitting one for a series with a reputation like Shinobi's. Just like the recently released Sonic Generations, Shinobi 3DS knows where its roots lie. If games like N+ and Super Meat Boy make you smile, then you'll probably take the same sort of masochistic joy in learning the layout and timing for each level as you perish over and over again.Shinobi 3DS hangs onto the largely left-to-right side-scrolling presentation as its predecessors, though the fancier tech and glasses-free 3D display are used to good effect. There are more visually impressive 3DS games out there as far as the textures go, but this game does some wonderful things with perspective. It suffers from the same issue every other 3DS game does on the 3D side, which is to say that you'll have to remain perfectly still in order to keep the effect in focus, but the effort is at least worth it with this game.It's a worthwhile effort for more than just the visuals, too. Like the best classic arcade games of this sort, progress is its own reward. The Normal is supposedly recommended for experienced Shinobi vets, but those same fans will recognize that the unlimited lives aspect of the game's Beginner difficulty is crucial to learning the map layouts and enemy positions. Your initial runthrough is all about surviving to the end of each level, something which only an android could hope to do on a first attempt.The long-term value of Shinobi 3DS comes in as you try to put together the perfect runthrough of each level, earning yourself a higher score and letter grade ranking in the process. You build up a point multiplier meter for attacking and blocking without sustaining any damage, and you incur a penalty if you use any of your magical abilities to make things easier, though in fairness some of those abilities boost you to the point that you actually stand to earn more points while magically empowered than you would be penalized for.Also on the "added value" front, there are a variety of StreetPass challenge modes that you can unlock using Play Coins (the 3DS currency earned as you log travel time on the device's pedometer). These are more focused encounters as compared to the main game's lengthy (but few, overall) story levels. The challenge remains the same though: brutal.The controls tie everything together for Shinobi 3DS. Jiro Musashi is incredibly responsive to your inputs in all matters, whether it's leaping off of a wall, throwing your kunai at just the right moment or using the timing-based block button to hold off an attack. As frustrating as Shinobi 3DS can be -- which is to say, EXTREMELY -- you'll never die because the controls aren't doing what you tell them to. Instead, you'll die because you don't use them quickly enough, or accurately enough.The biggest flaw here is the lack of variety in the relatively short campaign. The 3D is certainly used to good effect, but the environments themselves stop feeling fresh after the second or third level. The enemies, too, are lacking on the variety front. It's welcome news in some ways, since there are that many fewer attack patterns to learn (and that many fewer Game Over screens as a result), but it's still important to note.ConclusionShinobi 3DS is an easy yes or no choice. If you consider yourself a graduate of the old-school, having learned at the feet of masters like Mega Man, Sir Arthur and, yes, Joe Musashi, then this game is definitely for you. If, on the other hand, you have a drawer or closet filled with the corpses of smashed and/or thrown controllers, then you're better off skipping this one unless you'd like to add your 3DS to that mix. Shinobi 3DS hates you and wants to kill you no matter what; you'll just need to decide if you're going to take any pleasure in letting it do so.Score: 7.5 out of 10 041b061a72


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