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Scrap Mechanic

In Devblog 20 and 21 new bots have been shown, those being: Red Totebots (referred to by the developers as Red Guys), they are confirmed to use explosives but the way they will work is yet to be announced; Cable Cutter Bots, they will be found in groups in the caves coming in Chapter 2; and the Trashbot, according to the developers, the first boss of scrap mechanic, it will be found on the roof of the warehouses.

Scrap Mechanic

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In challenge mode, players have to try and get through 50 levels by making or fixing contraptions using the limited materials they are given. A challenge builder is also available for players to build and share their own challenge levels. Levels can be downloaded and published in the Steam workshop.Originally, challenge mode was a developer's experiment with encryption mechanics, not allowing buildings to be deleted, which has evolved into its whole separate game mode.

It portrays a robot maintenance mechanic that has been sent to an agricultural planet which supplies food to the metropolitan planets. The crew has been tasked to maintain fully autonomous farming robots which overrun the planet. However, as the spacecraft comes in for a landing it loses control and crashes. The mechanic survives the impact however becomes stranded and finds out the robots working in the fields have become hostile and start attacking the mechanics. The goal is now to survive on the planet, using the mechanics quick thinking, creativity and environment as an advantage to stay alive from the savage robots.[9]

Angus Morrison of PC Gamer compared the game to Minecraft, noting that in the context of the latter's lack of mechanical building conditions, the game might be attractive to players who like to build mechanics.[13]

In Survival Mode mechanics explore a dynamically generated open-world environment filled with enemies, treasure and dangerous robots! Team up with friends and build bases to protect yourself and your valuables. The most creative will survive!

Scrap Mechanic is a Construction-Focused Wide-Open Sandbox game made by a Swedish developer Axolot Games. The game was originally inspired by the devs' work on a test Xbox 360 port of Minecraft. Its main selling point is the ability to create moving machines of byzantine complexity, with any kind of shape and size you want, and potentially endowed with massive transformation capabilities. The game was originally announced on the 4th of November, 2014, and was released into Steam Early Access a little over a year later, on January 20th, 2016. Four years later, after a protracted development process, the Survival Mode was added to the game, with a load of new content and gameplay mechanics.

The game's Creative Mode features around four hundred different parts and grid-based "base materials" that can be stretched to any size and shape, bearings that can be used to build cars and transforming mechanisms, engines and seats to power and control vehicles, rocket thrusters for flying vehicles, controllers to program elaborate transformations, pistons to move things linearly, and a few other useful things. The Survival Mode, meanwhile, offers a noticeably different gameplay experience - with enemies, weapons, and consumables (such as food and gasoline for cars), an item crafting mechanic, vast procedurally-generated maps, a day and night cycle, bodies of water, NPC characters to trade with, warehouses to raid for rare supplies, and other interesting things. The official page for the game is here.

Medieval Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction and the maintenance of architectural works and mechanical equipment using medieval technology. Players build castles; construct mechanical devices and underground mining. There is an entire planet to explore!

Scrap mechanic V.S trailmakers! When you put your mind to something anything is possible and these two prove it. But who will win? Will the trailmaker be reduced to scrap? Or will the scrap mechanic become a bloody trail on the ground? Find out on this exiting episode of DEATH BATTLE! (thebeeghungry addition)

Y'know it would Be nearly impossible to create machines that are far more advanced then our own with just scrap. However this person was able to do it! and it was for this amazing feat of engineering that he got the name... The scrap mechanic

Space, such a interesting location. But it is not safe, like at all. This is a thing that a worker would find out. once he was a simple garbage collecter but then his ship blew up! he crashed on an alien planet and from there he would scavange for scrap to build a rocket to get out of there. This man was known simpley as the trailmaker. 041b061a72


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