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Djay Automix Not Working !!LINK!!

It is a feature of the subscription version BUT if you have purchased a previous version of djay you should get a free upgrade that activates some of the Pro functionality and Automix is one of the free unlocks.

Djay Automix Not Working

I have used djay for years now, and Pro since it came out. I played with the trial of Pro 2 and decided to buy. Tried it out at my bar gig last night and am confused on how Automix and Queue work together.

I like this one because you can control the rounds, i.e., how many songs are played. You can control the length in which a song is played, add transition sounds between songs if desired, and it runs in the background. I use this one for working out. Every time the song changes, the exercise changes. Great for Tabata style workouts or sprint intervals on the treadmill.

I would love to hear a podcast on djay 2 for Iphone also. I figured out how to automix, but what if I want to skip back and forth through songs, as I do in the stock Music app. Djay 2 looks very promising though, and thanks for any input.

Hi Augustu, my main question is, when I do an automix and use a playlist, is there a way to skip through the songs, say if one comes up that you don't like or hear constantly? Is there a better way to mix than using automix? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Guyster,In the auto mix screen, there should be an item that says something like queue, 0 songs. You can select the songs that you want mixed from the screen that comes up when you double tap. Also if you're having trouble with auto mix working correctly, you can turn on auto sync bpm, set trigger before end to 10 seconds, and length as 10 seconds. All of this can be found in the transition screen found in the auto mix screen.Hope this helps.

At first glance, automix might look like your regular old expander or gate, but what makes automix special is that it does not only work on a channel to channel basis, but links all the channels in an automix group together and opens up the channel that has the strongest signal, while ducking the others. Another feature that makes automix different from a gate or expander is that it does not operate with a set threshold that is absolute, it simply prefers the channel in the group with the strongest signal, regardless of its absolute amplitude.

If you're getting bored listening to the same track, you might want to change it a little bit and give some sauce to it. And this is what Spotify DJ Mode has been working on. Under this mode, you can blend songs with an equalizer and get a smooth transition by using the Crossfade feature.

djay Pro is an award-winning DJ software. Its unique, intuitive interface is built around a sophisticated integration with your music library, giving you instant access to your favorite Spotify music. Pristine sound quality and a powerful set of features including high-definition waveforms, four decks, audio effects, video mixing and hardware integration give you endless creative flexibility to take your sets to new heights.

Reloop MIXTOUR is a portable cross-platform DJ controller developed for the award winning app djay from Alogoriddim. Designed from the ground-up to offer a compact, two-channel DJ controller layout, Mixtour allows you to hold a party anywhere, anytime. Reloop MIXTOUR supports iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. Reloop MIXTOUR is fully compatible with various DJ software like Traktor or Virtual DJ. But you cannot directly use it to control your playback of Spotify songs from your device.

iDJ Pro from Numark is a professional DJ controller that expands your iPad's interface, seamlessly integrating with djay app for iPad to form a completely new DJ experience. With this controller, you can access and mix your iTunes library, as well as, millions of songs from Spotify integration through djay app. But since Spotify ends the cooperation with djay app, you are not able to mix your Spotify songs by using this controller directly.

In a performance setting this allows djay users to temporarily leave the decks, whilst keeping the mix alive. The feature also allows casual music fans to play full automated DJ sets, loaded with all of their favourite tracks, live, on-the-fly and without any additional user interaction.

This app is my favorite so far. Much better than the Mixtrax app I also have a post about. This app is a little more DJ oriented, in the sense that a DJ would understand many of the "extra" features of this app.Basically, you have two turntables. You can pull your music right off of your iTunes playlists and load them up on the turntables (Be careful they will start playing right away when you load them up on one side or the other. Hit the Play button on the far left or right of the bottom of the screen, depending on which side you are using, to stop the record. Then hit the button with the arrow pointing to a dot. That re-cues the record up to the start. And then when ready to start playing that song you can then hit the play button again.) If you have someone manning the iTouch, iPhone, or iPad then you can just click the music note with a + sign next to it and will pop up your iTunes library. You can search by song, artist, album or playlist. If you have put all of your music for your party into one or a few playlists (I highly recommend this) then it will be very easy to find the music for your party and pull up the next record. You must be careful to have the crossfader at the bottom of the screen all the way to the side that is playing. This allows you to pull up another record on the other side without it going out live on top of the record already playing. The crossfader at the bottom of the screen can be used to manually fade out of one song and fade into the next song or you can let the app do it for you. As the song is getting close to the end or is fading out just hit the arrow to the left or right of that crossfader at the bottom of the screen. It will then just crossfade automatically for you. If you do not have someone to watch the player all night, then select "Automix." With this you can select all your music or a specific playlist. Again, I highly recommend making playlists for your party. If you have you can then pull up the playlist you have already created and then you can play it straight or shuffle the playlist. You can also choose the length of the crossfade between songs. Once this is set you can then just hit "Start Automix" and it will do all the work for you. It will automatically pull up the records for you in the order you have specified and play them automatically and crossfade from one song to the next.I suggest this later option for cocktail and dinner type music situations. You can use it for dancing as well, but if you want to change a song you can, you just have to stop the automix and then pull up your next song. The problem is you can't go back to the automix and pickup where you left off. It will start from the beginning or start shuffling again and you could end up with repeats. Another suggestion is to create a bunch of playlists. Fastdance1, Fastdance2, Fastdance3, etc. Have about 7-10 songs in each playlist. Then have a slow dance playlist. This way you can select Fastdance1 playlist turn the automix on. Once that playlist comes to an end, select a song from your slow dance playlist and play one or two from that list and then bring up the automix again to play Fastdance2 playlist. And repeat. This means you only have to be at the player some of the time instead of all the time.Many other features, including effects, changing the pitch of the songs, beat matching etc. There is also independent volume controls for each record player. There is a power on and off button for each player (why? I don't know). You can even change the cue point, or where the record will start. If you have time you can play with all of these other gadgets but I covered the basics here to get you up and running.


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