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Download AetherSX2 Old Version: How to Get the Most Out of Your PS2 Emulator

How to Download AetherSX2 Old Version

AetherSX2 is one of the best PS2 emulators for Android devices, allowing you to play many of your favorite PlayStation 2 games on your smartphone or tablet. However, the app is no longer being updated by the developer, and some users may prefer to use an older version of the app for various reasons. For example, some older versions may have better compatibility, performance, or features than the latest one. Or, some users may want to avoid the ads that were added in the newer versions.

However, downloading an old version of AetherSX2 is not as simple as going to the Google Play Store and choosing a previous version. You will need to find a trustworthy source for the APK file of the old version, enable unknown sources on your device, and install the app manually. In this article, we will show you how to do that step by step, as well as how to set up, troubleshoot, and find alternatives to AetherSX2 old version.

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How to Download AetherSX2 Old Version

The first thing you need to do is to find a reliable source for the APK file of the old version of AetherSX2 that you want to download. An APK file is an Android application package that contains all the files and data needed to install an app on your device. However, not all APK files are safe and legitimate, so you need to be careful where you get them from.

One of the best sources for AetherSX2 old versions is the official website of the app, which has an archive section where you can download different versions of the app from December 2021 to March 2023. You can access this section by visiting [this link](^1^). Another good source is [APKCombo](^3^), which also has a list of old versions of AetherSX2 that you can download for free.

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Once you have found the APK file of the old version that you want, you need to enable unknown sources on your Android device. This is a security setting that allows you to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. To enable unknown sources, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Security > Device administration (or Biometrics and security > Install unknown apps).

  • Find the app that you will use to download or open the APK file (such as Chrome, File Manager, or Downloads) and tap on it.

  • Toggle on the option that says Allow from this source (or Install unknown apps).

Now you are ready to install the APK file of AetherSX2 old version. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Locate the APK file on your device (usually in the Downloads folder) and tap on it.

  • A pop-up window will appear asking you if you want to install this application. Tap on Install.

  • Wait for the installation process to finish and then tap on Open.

How to Set Up AetherSX2 Old Version

After installing AetherSX2 old version, you need to set it up properly to enjoy your PS2 games on your Android device. There are three main steps that you need to follow: obtaining a PS2 BIOS file, choosing the optimal settings, and loading your game.

Step 1: Obtain a PS2 BIOS file

A PS2 BIOS file is a system software that is required for AetherSX2 to emulate the PS2 console. Without a BIOS file, you will not be able to run any PS2 games on the app. There are two ways to obtain a PS2 BIOS file: from your own console or from online sources.

The legal and recommended way to get a PS2 BIOS file is to dump it from your own PS2 console. This requires a modded PS2, a USB drive, and a software tool such as [PS2dumper]. You can find detailed instructions on how to dump your PS2 BIOS file [here].

The alternative and less legal way to get a PS2 BIOS file is to download it from online sources. This is not advised as it may violate the copyright laws of your country and expose you to malware risks. However, if you still want to do this, you can find some PS2 BIOS files on websites such as [Emuparadise] or [RomsMania].

Once you have obtained a PS2 BIOS file, you need to copy it to the AetherSX2 folder on your device's internal storage. The folder should be named something like com.aethersx.aethersx or com.aethersx.aethersxpro depending on the version of the app that you have installed.

Step 2: Choose the optimal settings

The next step is to choose the optimal settings for your device and game. AetherSX2 has many options that you can tweak to improve the compatibility, performance, and quality of your PS2 emulation. However, not all settings work well for every device or game, so you may need to experiment with different combinations until you find the best one.

Some of the most important settings that you should pay attention to are:

  • Graphics: This section allows you to adjust the resolution, aspect ratio, frame rate, anti-aliasing, texture filtering, and other graphical options. Generally, higher settings will result in better visuals but lower performance, and vice versa. You should try to balance these factors according to your device's capabilities and your personal preference.

  • Audio: This section allows you to enable or disable the sound output, adjust the volume, and choose the audio backend. You should always enable the sound output unless you have a specific reason not to. The audio backend determines how the app handles the sound processing. The default option is OpenSL ES, which is recommended for most devices. However, if you experience sound issues such as crackling or stuttering, you can try switching to AudioTrack or SoundPool.

  • Input: This section allows you to customize the controls for your game. You can choose between using the virtual buttons on the screen or an external controller such as a Bluetooth gamepad. You can also map the buttons according to your preference and adjust the sensitivity and transparency of the virtual buttons.

  • System: This section allows you to change some system-related options such as the language, the orientation, and the fast boot mode. The fast boot mode skips the PS2 logo animation when launching a game, which can save some time but may cause some compatibility issues with some games. You can also enable or disable cheats and patches from this section.

Step 3: Load your game

The final step is to load your game from an ISO file or a disc. An ISO file is an image file that contains all the data of a PS2 game disc. You can create an ISO file from your own PS2 game disc using a software tool such as [ImgBurn] or [DVD Decrypter]. You can also download ISO files from online sources such as [CoolROM] or [Vimm's Lair], but this is not advised for legal and ethical reasons.

Once you have an ISO file of your game, you need to copy it to the AetherSX2 folder on your device's internal storage. Alternatively, you can use an external storage device such as a USB drive or a microSD card, but this may affect the loading speed and performance of your game.

If you have a physical PS2 game disc and an external disc drive that can connect to your Android device via USB or Bluetooth, you can also load your game directly from the disc. However, this method is not very common or reliable, and you may encounter some compatibility or performance issues.

To load your game from an ISO file or a disc, follow these steps:

  • Launch AetherSX2 and tap on the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen.

  • Tap on Load Game and choose the source of your game (Internal Storage, External Storage, or Disc Drive).

  • Browse to the folder where your ISO file or disc is located and tap on it.

  • The game will start loading and you can enjoy playing it on your Android device.



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