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[S1E6] The One With The Butt

Lorne Malvo has Don Chumph place the call to Stavros, who has the money ready for the drop. Malvo knocks Chumph unconscious and duct tapes him to an exercise bench in the entry way of his house. He also duct tapes an unloaded shotgun to his hands and proceeds to fire randomly into the neighborhood with another gun. Malvo quickly exits via the back door before police arrive. They are duped into firing upon and then storming the house, killing Chumph who is struggling wildly to get free of his bonds.

[S1E6] The One With The Butt

Molly Solverson is visiting Gus Grimly in Duluth to discuss the recent murders when gunshots are reported. At the scene they find a car wreck that Numbers and Wrench staged to trap Malvo. Numbers and Wrench then attack with automatic weapons; Malvo escapes the ambush and captures and tortures Numbers to tell him who sent them. Numbers replies, "Fargo" before Malvo fatally slits his throat. Gus, seeing an unknown silhouette in the snow, accidentally shoots Molly.

The episode was very well received by critics. It currently holds a "Fresh" 86% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, making it, however, the lowest-ranking episode of the season, tied with the following episode "Who Shaves the Barber?".[4]

Once again I must point out that Sidney would be getting nowhere fast without Charlotte's help. She's obviously right, and that reminds him that Loan Shark has a boarding house over on Drury Lane, so they head over there to hopefully find Georgiana, and maybe to drop in on the Muffin Man while they're at it.

In London, the Super Squad pulls up outside the boarding house and Sidney tells Charlotte to wait in the car (without even cracking a window for her, which is rude). After we get inside the "boarding house" I get why: this place is FOR SURE a bordello, and based on the crowd reaction to Sidney, this is not his first visit. Charlotte obviously doesn't stay in the carriage, and on her entrance, the fancy female go-between we met earlier, who appears to be the "boarding house" Madame, asks if Charlotte made an honest man of our Sidney. Charlotte's reaction?

Because this is apparently the episode where we all deal with our problems through talk therapy, Charlotte unpacks everything with her pal Tom. Charlotte's overwhelmed; she thought she was so sensible but she got a lot wrong, and she's starting to get why Sidney was so rude to her before. Tom, who's a pretty solid friend, tells her that Sidney is weird, but was more pleasant as a youngster. Remember when Mom Parker mentioned Sidney's broken engagement? Well we've gotten to the part in the show where we unlock his Tragic Backstory, and it's a doozy. Apparently, Sidney was all ready to get hitched when his fiance dumped him for a rich guy. In the aftermath, he went... a little wild. Tom had to pay off his debts, and Sidney ran off to Antigua to forget his ex, but he's still isn't the same.

At Folgers Manor, stepbrother dearest is back, and is proving that he's terrible at sneaking around. Folgers Sister asks if he found the will. He lies and says that it was completely missing, and that Lady D must be losing it. Folgers Sister doesn't seem to buy it entirely, but is ready for all this nonsense to be over so she can get away from Clara. He covers his recent Clara-related activities with a big ol' forehead smooch, which Folgers Sister seems to find at least a little suspect. I hope I'm not just projecting, and that she dumps him soon.

If it was anyone else, I'd say her "do I look ok?" was fishing for a compliment, but the class struggle is real so I'll give her a pass. Anyway, Sidney is clearly really feeling her look for the evening, and he's not alone, based on this interaction with the show's Statler and Waldorf:

You have GOT to love a ball scene. When else, in these modern times, are we given permission to lose our minds over a basic hand grasp? Anyway, this particular ball scene is EXCELLENT: Charlotte and Sidney have great chemistry and the music is as on point as it has been the whole season. Just as they finish dancing, Sidney makes eye contact with a hottie across the room. I wonder who it could be? Surely not his ex!

Tom cuts in to dance with Charlotte, which is adorable. I weirdly really like their friendship. Tom tells her he's happy to see she's feeling better, which is a nice sentiment that he immediately goes ahead and ruins.

Bronwyn and Maeve arrive, followed by Vanessa and Jake. After a short while, Addy comes with Nate on his motorcycle. Addy tells Bronwyn not to ignore her messages again, and Nate tells her they need to talk.

It seems like that is usual behaviour for him: in the next scene, a guard is presenting the lightly-charred chap to his mother, who is hanging out with her daughter (who is looking at a giant millipede). Yes, Alicent, too, has been busy producing heirs.

Aegon, to give him his dues, is at least a little bit embarrassed, throwing himself onto the bed and covering himself in a bedsheet. He looks like a lovechild of Debbie Harry and Eddie Redmayne, with white frizzy locks surrounding his pasty face.

But Rhaenyra loses command of the room when milk starts leaking from her breasts, making two small stains on her silver dress. Alicent points it out (naturally), Rhaenyra is embarrassed and sits down with a hand covering her chest, and Alicent says she and the king will think about the generous offer before they both swiftly exit.

The queen then storms through the palace, back to her chambers. Who should be waiting there to dine with her than the despicable Larys Strong? She explains what has just happened and how frustrated she is at Viserys steadfast loyalty to Rhaenyra.

The English kept me interested throughout its 6 episodes. I found the plot, setting and cast addictive, the casts chemistry was incredibly moving, with depths beyond measure. The action and struggles between immigrants and natives was a true reflection of those times.. For me the pinnacle of the drama was blunt and spencers devotion to their characters.. Their on screen presence and relationship was sheer magnetism, I couldnt take my eyes away from the screen Unfortunately not enough episodes.. Lets hope their is a season 2!

When everyone assembles in the foyer, they find Momoka dead, stabbed in the chest. The game is called Witch Hunt. The objective is to figure out who killed her within the next two hours and burn them on the pyre outside. Let the game begin.

Shining Vale did take the real struggle of being a published author and explained it well without hitting viewers over the head with it all. The quick-witted comebacks and phrasing used in many scenes in this episode amplified the talent very much present in this series. I did love the honest and somewhat brutal interaction between Kam (Merrin Dungey) and Pat (Courteney Cox) when discussing the book. It's a friend trying to restrain the personal in order to explain and critique a client's work. Sadly, there's some truth to dealing with ageism mixed with sexism in many industries, as it's particularly shown in Shining Vale with publishing, prioritizing certain genres over others (ex: YA novels over erotic women-centered novels).

The comedy of Shining Vale intermixed with some harsh realities thrown at Pat, with some meaningful and others just pure sexism, brought me into her world. I was focusing on her issues even when confronted with other problems. Things were directed back to the house, Rosemary (Mira Sorvino), and generational trauma and regret. Many central themes came together and could link up no matter what the scene was. Some scenes felt oddly short or as if things could continue on momentarily but wouldn't, such as with some of the scenes with Jake (Dylan Gage). I can't put a finger yet on how I feel about Terry's (Greg Kinnear) character so far. But there is something insightful and well-done when it comes to Terry, he's the progressive but without the concern to look inward or at the ways Pat is treated by those around her. That is something I will say is fantastic about the character because it's all too real in itself.

Shining Vale does an excellent job at throwing in references to The Shining in episodes. For example, the scene with Terry in the bedroom calling Jake over from the doorway to sit with him on the bed is almost shot-for-shot the same as the classic horror film. Although mixed in with it being a teenager trying to sit on his dad's lap made it funny and that's something I'll love this series for. People making a remix of Terry quitting his job at the bar was a great add-on to the episode and truly dug into his cycle of depression to focus energy and then into slumber. I will say the scenes and timing at the end of the episode were fantastic and one of my favorite parts of this series yet. If they continue to add in these truly horror-centered moments in the episodes it'll end up being fantastic week after week.

I love this show, but come on guys. Laura Dern and Shailene Woodley deserve better than this. The two women know each other well. They already played mother and daughter in The Fault in Our Stars. So to leave them with this really lame choreography where somehow Renata gets her eye gouged out by Jane in a really bad fake punch or push or shove or whatever it was feels like a cheat. They could have done so much better. Still, the moment ends with Renata threatening to sue Jane and Jane finally confessing to Madeline that she did in fact bring a gun to her meeting with the wrong Saxon.

Jane then plays the bigger woman and goes to apologize to Renata, a moment when Renata finally feels human and not nearly as big as Dern has been playing her for the entirety of the series. Dern shows her humanity as a frustrated and futile mother with a daughter who keeps getting hurt and is hiding the perpetrator of the abuse. Hmm, that story line sounds familiar.

Locations can become characters in TV series if they're vibrant enough. Part of what made CSI: Crime Scene Investigation a smash hit was that Las Vegas was a character in that series, with the personality of Sin City highlighted in almost every episode. The Law & Order franchise similarly emphasizes the unique elements of New York City to create its gritty crime drama. And then there's Beavis and Butt-Head's house (or Beavis' house, thanks to a retcon in Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe). 041b061a72


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