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Google Maps To Start Predicting Crowdedness On Public Transport ((EXCLUSIVE))

In an official blog post today, Google announced the introduction of new features designed to equip travelers and commuters with information about possible Covid-19-related impacts including checkpoints, travel restrictions, and even degree of crowdedness on public transport, streamlining a feature they offered last year.

Google Maps to start predicting crowdedness on public transport

Google Maps app is already reigning in the web mapping ecosystem and to add more teeth to it; Google has recently added a new transit crowdedness predictions feature that will let the user know about the congestion in the public transports.

In this modern generation time is considered very precious waiting for longer hours to travel from one place to other can be avoided using smart transport system. Advanced technology has contributed to the collection of data in urban space. These data are generated from portable devices, non- frequency devices, satellites, transport system and social networking services. Emerging technologies has given avenue of opportunities to understand and predict the urban dynamics in detail with planning of services. Public transport plays a major role in transporting people efficiently from place to place. These are preferred more because of their affordable rates and extensive routes. Bus systems are the back bones of public transport system specially in cities. The possibility of sensing and predicting the crowd is important factor for improving urban mobility, planning safety and tourism activity. It also helps in crowd management and crowd stability analysis. Intelligence system of public transport can result in proper utilization of the time. If the real time data like seating availability routes and so on can be obtained it not only helps scheduler to schedule buses but also helps people to schedule their travel time accordingly.


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