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Scary Teacher 3D APK: The Most Anticipated Horror Game for Android - Mediafıre Download

This is an adventure escape game. Because of your tricky, the teacher is now extremely angry and is searching for you in the house. Leave the horrible house before the teacher catches you, because once caught by the teacher, you will end badly. The 3D game screen can bring you an immersive experience. Using various tricky props can block the teacher for a while, make good use of your time, and escape whenever you have a chance.

scary teacher 3d apk mediafıre

"Scary Teacher 3D" is a scary teacher-themed adventure game where the player takes on the role of a student, tricking and punishing the scary teacher through a variety of quests and challenges. A very fun and addicting game for players of all ages. If you like adventure and puzzle games, and like to challenge the horror elements, then this game is definitely worth a try!

There are multiple levels and missions in the game, each with different challenges and goals. For example, in some missions you need to find the teacher's hidden objects or solve puzzles, while in others you need to steal the teacher's drink or food.

In the game, the player needs to carefully avoid the teacher's attention and avoid being caught. If caught by the teacher, the player will be punished, which may result in mission failure. However, if the player successfully completes the mission, they will be able to unlock further levels and rewards.

Have fun experiencing the unique and refreshing gameplay as you freely discover the environments and come up with tons of interesting ideas to prank the fierce neighbor teacher. Take your revenge on the cruel women and you inspect her house, look for any opportunities to scare the hell out of her. And be the one who has the last laugh in Scary Teacher 3D.

Here in the interesting gameplay of Scary Teacher 3D, Android gamers will find themselves having fun with the hilarious gameplay of simulation as you freely discover the scary house of the evil teacher. Explore different areas and aspects of the house, come up with interesting ways to interact with the game, and take on many hilarious pranks against the tigerish woman.

Take on many different game modes and freely roam around the house pranking the teacher. Carefully plan out your moves and come up with many innovative plans to make sure that you can easily get pass her guard. Watch the woman walking into your traps and enjoy seeing her getting angry with their nasty curses and hilarious expressions. This should really help you to relax and have fun with the exciting game.

To make sure that you can have all the items and tools to plan out for your pranks, Scary Teacher 3D will offer a variety of different discoverables that you can find around the house. In each level, you can freely explore the rooms and look for items that are really needed. Make uses of your creativity and come up with interesting ways to overcome the in-game challenges. And most importantly, Scary Teacher 3D will provide the tracking tool so that you can always check on the movement of the scary teacher, in case she is moving toward you.

Also, for parents, you can also allow your kids to enjoy the hilarious and creative gameplay of Scary Teacher 3D, despite it having the scary theme. With no blood and gore effects, along with the funny and friendly approaches, the game is totally suited for gamers of all ages, which is quite similar to the likes of Ice Scream Episode 2.

[Scary Teacher 3D APK (Android Game) - Free Download - APKCombo](^1^)

[Download Scary Teacher 3D APK 6.1 for Android - FileHippo](^2^)

With engaging 3D graphics and on-themed visual experiences, Scary Teacher 3D allows Android gamers to truly immerse themselves in the scary gameplay. And at the same time, with powerful and exciting in-game elements, you should find yourself enjoying the thrilling and exhilarating experiences even more. Lastly, thanks to the undemanding in-game graphics, mobile gamers in Scary Teacher 3D should find it relatively easy to enjoy the smooth and satisfying mobile title on any of their Android devices.

Get ready to dive yourself into the awesome gameplay of horror and comedy with Scary Teacher 3D, as you try to prank and play around with the cruel teacher. Come up with plenty of creative and clever ways to deal with her alertness. And pull off interesting tricks to prank her. And with the free and unlocked version of the game now available on our website, you should find it even more enjoyable.

The Scary Teacher 3D Mod Apk is a game by the Z&K publishers. This gaming publisher is known best for its interest in horror games. So here you can also expect something like that. In the game, you have to annoy your teacher in many different ways and complete the assigned tasks.

The game has many funny scenes and events as you play it. The more you play it the harder it gets. So it all starts with your mathematics teacher who is very cruel and loves to punish the students physically and torture them.

You will be assigned some tasks. But all tasks include you troubling her in her daily life tasks. For instance, you have to spoil her breakfast and you can do that in many ways. You can put the mouse trap where she sits and you can, later on, enjoy her screams when she sits on the trap. And many other ways are available through which you can annoy your teacher.

For instance, you will be asked to ruin her hair. Now it is up to you how you do it. You can put her hair on fire or you can throw paint on her hair. You can also put glue in the shampoo. See one task has many ways to do it in this game. But make sure that Miss T, your teacher does not catch you in her home. If she does, you are gone.

There are only 2 characters available up till now. One is a girl and the other is a boy. You can upgrade their skills so that they can make better plans as to how to annoy your teacher along with that you can dress them up and customize their appearance.

You can annoy your teacher in many different ways. You just have to see what has been asked of you and later you can do that in your way. The more you make her scream the more points you will get. She deserves this and you have to do that for the students who were a victim of her torture.

If you are ready for doing some naughty actions and make someone annoyed by your actions then you have to download this Scary Teacher 3D Mod Apk. This game will bring lots and lots of ways in which you can annoy your teacher. So use your brain and set up different traps for her.

Scary Teacher 3D MOD coins/stars/energy - Your worst nightmare has come true, your evil teacher has moved in next door to you! It can't be left like this, you need to teach the evil teacher a lesson immediately for the way she bullied her students at school and how she forced them to do impossible assignments. In this game, you will get even for all the children who suffer in schools because of very bad and evil teachers!

Sneak into your enemy's house and prank her. Make little pranks: put something nasty in her tea, put needles in her chairs, burn her writing or a delicious pizza! Just remember, you have to do everything fast, otherwise the evil teacher will catch you and you'll get the worst punishment!

The graphics in the game are very beautiful, and the music is also very beautiful. Players can explore many scenes in the game, such as classrooms, offices, pools, gardens and other locations. Players can learn the teacher's whereabouts to unlock new areas and tasks to get a better understanding of how the teacher thinks and acts.

Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Stars & Evergy) is a wonderful mix of puzzle and horror games. Immerse yourself in very exciting and interesting gameplay that revolves around an awesome plot full of events and activities. Where there lives in the house next to you one of the teachers called Miss T, who is notorious and torturing children and physical punishment of students.

So you will play the role of the naughty boy who will sneak into her house and make pranks and spoil the house and invent traps in order to get this parameter. On Scary Teacher 3D Mod Apk Hack you will find easy and familiar control options and more than 15 rooms inside the house that you can explore. The teacher will go every morning to get a newspaper. Then you can enter the house and spoil the cup of coffee or food or make pranks inside the bathroom and come up with new ideas for traps.

Where you can buy energy, hammers, cutters, etc. With unlimited money, you can buy everything here to make your teacher know what suffering is. There are enough tools to serve you to perform the task more perfectly. The outcome of Miss T will be like through tortures without end. Are you curious?

Scary Teacher 3D is a game with a real story happening at school. Not all teachers are good people and people like Miss T pay the price for what they did to the students. Download Scary Teacher 3D MOD, please act with the warmth of the student who has been tormented by her.

Scary Teacher 3D Mod is a fun prank game that is equally tactical to achieve the purpose of teasing. Bringing a trend similar to the once-resounding 9x neighborly teasing game, the difference in this game is that there is a little bit of horror that makes the game very special with the color gamut. this unique. Bringing to the player the feelings of anxiety, suspense mixed with excitement when successfully teasing the terrible teacher with the children in the area.

Scary Teacher 3D Mod is based on the story of Miss.T who is a math teacher at school, an extremely scary terror to the children in the area because of her horror and monstrosity. Suddenly one day Miss T moves to the house of a boy, this boy is the character that you will play to break into revenge and tease this scary teacher.

Do you love to do pranks and make fun of them, or do you really need to take revenge from someone that teases you every time you are around with them then this a must game to have in your mobile phones. Students mostly got beaten by teachers because their naturally grossed look and behavior towards their students. You definitely not going to say something to them directly, but you play prank on them and gets the revenge.


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